About Us

Small town charm meets modern inspiration in our stylish boutique downtown Iowa Falls, Iowa!

You are meant to shine!  Jennifer Bicknese the owner of Copper Cupboard Bel Floral is passionate about inspiring women to be their best through clothing, makeup, florals and home décor.  She believes that each of us were made unique, with special gifts we are to meant share with others.  Jennifer and her amazing staff want to empower you to own your unique style and inspire you to be a light to others.  Bringing beauty into your home and a little glitz and glam to your wardrobe can help you feel good about yourself and remind you of your purpose! 

Copper Cupboard Bel Floral is three stores in one offering trendy clothing, accessories, purses, and spa products.  We also house our very own floral shop dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements for all occasions. 

Love makeup?  We also carry the Jane Iredale entire line of skin care makeup and offer tutorial makeup sessions with our very own makeup specialist!  Our baby room is full of adorable clothes, games, and Jennifer's favorite - books!  Finally, need a tux for that special occasion?  You guessed it.....we do that too!  As the back of our delivery car reads...…"We Just Delivered!"   

Three Shops, One Stop, The Ultimate Gift/Clothing/Makeup/Accessories/Décor Shop